Business Intelligence Specialist

  • Spoton Connections
  • Sliema, Malta
  • Jan 06, 2020
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Job Description

Business Intelligence Specialist

The Business Intelligence (BI) function supports the collection, data analysis, presentation and dissemination of business information.  The function supports the internal stakeholders such as business managers with the necessary data to take informed business decisions.  It also supports external stakeholders with on platform-built data and reporting capabilities.
Business Intelligence Specialist II understand what it takes to build high-quality business intelligence solutions. They are assumed to be constantly making steady progress with their work and are able to drive their own tasks to completion in the time-frames they committed to.
BI Specialists at this level are constantly making steady progress with their work and are able to drive their tasks to completion with minimal guidance or hand-holding. They seek out the context to understand what they are asked to work on, and when working a task with unclear requirements they know how to ask for the clarification they need to get it done. BI Specialists II actively participate in technical design and are becoming proficient at designing effective solutions and in weighing the merits of going for one approach or design alternative over another. They understand how their work fits into the big picture and use this understanding to identify conflicting requirements and to inform their decision making.
BI Specialists II are disciplined in their approach to coding, religiously applying best practices to produce quality code without sacrificing productivity. They prioritize their work appropriately and do their best to avoid the temptation of focusing on unimportant details. BI Specialists II actively participate in their teams and are starting to appreciate team dynamics. They are developing their interpersonal skills through practice as they provide valuable input toward decision making and drive improvements in their team.
Key points:

  • Being proficient at independently using BI tools and technologies.
  • Keep up to date with BI technological trends in the industry.
  • Make steady progress with their work, prioritize appropriately and do not get lost in unimportant details.
  • Follow best practices and guidelines when building BI solutions.
  • Actively participate in design and planning phases of a project, and are proficient in evaluating different options and approaches, and avoid over-engineering solutions.
  • Effectively drive improvement in their teams.


  • Acquire and maintain an in-depth understanding of the business logic embodied in company’s BI offerings, its development infrastructure and project delivery process.
  • Are proficient with the BI technology stack used at the company and keep up to date with technological trends in the industry.
  • Deliver high-quality BI solutions, following best practices and guidelines and delivering within reasonable time-frames
  • Participate with team in design and planning sessions.
  • Diagnose and resolve issues and defects identified in code and data.
  • Support the execution of data transformation processes, data warehouses, and data analysis that deliver accurate data in the forms of reports or visualizations to end users.
  • Are proficient with basic data analysis techniques.
  • Help improve others, providing technical guidance and mentoring within understood expertise.
  • Perform any other additional duty commensurate with the level of responsibility of this role.


  • At least 2 years of experience in a BI role.
  • Strong knowledge of the company BI stack: python, Microsoft BI Suite, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL.
  • Higher education related to Computer Science.
  • Good analytical and communication skills.