• Magic Mondayz Ltd
  • Malta
  • Apr 10, 2020
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Job Description

A fast-growing iGaming industry leader is looking to hire an ambitious Marketing Project Manager for their innovative team in Malta.

Job description: 

You will be on a mission to ensure that all approved great ideas and strategies are successfully completed within the set scope, timeframe, budget, and application of relevant human resources. Oh, whilst also keeping all stakeholders informed and happy throughout the process! In order to succeed, you are responsible for:

  • project facilitation, i.e. having acquired a clear understanding of the expected concepts and goals of each project, you translate them and manage them effectively as well as efficiently throughout the project life cycle. This means creating and managing timelines, scope, and assignments for simultaneous projects of multiple internal clients, whilst also clearly defining the roles of the involved stakeholders;
  • collaboration, e. ensuring effective and efficient communications with all stakeholders involved; managing relationships and providing relevant reporting to the parties – everyone knows what they are doing, why they are doing it, how it ought to be done, and by what time it must be completed!;
  • leadership, i.e. providing direction and support to the members of the project team and effectively resolving any disputes that may arise within the team.


Besides being a curious and intelligent individual by nature, you:

  • have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in project management with a proven track record of success (agency and/or consulting experience is a plus!);
  • are a role model, inspiration, and leader with an excellent ability to establish and maintain relationships with different individuals;
  • are agile – change is definitely your friend!;
  • are totally out of any “never done it, so it cannot be done” box: you are great at climbing over any obstacle and actually really enjoy challenges. There are only solutions, right?!;
  • have a great overview of things with an ability to detect details whilst also seeing the bigger picture;
  • know what´s really important and what can wait until tomorrow – no stress!;
  • are a self-starter who enjoys taking initiative whilst also successfully seeing things through to completion.