Financial Account Manager

€1,500 - €2,000 monthly
  • Lucky Enterprises
  • Remote
  • Apr 11, 2020
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Job Description

The role will have full responsibility for all financial, treasury and gateway processes. The job requires a self-starting approach and an aptitude for problem solving. It is estimated that the job would require around 50 hours of work a month.

For the duration of the Employee’s employment the Employee shall:


  • Carry out to the best of his/her abilities and under the control of the Employer such duties and functions as may reasonably be assigned to him/her from time to time by management;
  • Obey and observe all the lawful regulations and reasonable directions and instructions which may be given to him/her from time to time by management;
  • Well and faithfully serve the company and use his/her best endeavours to promote its interests;
  • Exercise the utmost good faith towards the Company both in carrying out his/her duties hereunder and also in all his/her dealings with the Company;
  • At all times be answerable to management and shall prepare and submit to management such reports relating to his/her duties, from time to time, as may be required by management.



  1. Financial reporting
  2. Gateway management
  3. KPI reporting
  4. Budgeting
  5. Treasury


  1. Financial reporting:
  • Complete, reconcile and maintain all such records that are required to accurately report on the brand’s financial performance
  • Implement and maintain all such internal control procedures required to safeguard the entity’s assets
  • Supply management accounts and all other reports requested by the managing director in the agreed timeframe


  1. Gateway management:
  • Monitor gateway activity on all payment solutions on a daily basis
  • Report/resolve uptime issues in a timely manner to ensure minimum impact on the entity’s ability to trade
  • Attend to all queries logged by customers that relate to payment matters in a timely fashion


  1. KPI reporting:
  • Provide KPI summaries to the managing director on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Provide insight into KPI’s to maintain and improve the performance of the brand


  1. Budgeting
  • Prepare a 6 monthly budget for the brand’s targets inline with the strategy outlined by the managing director
  • Measure and report on the brand’s performance against budget


  1. Treasury
  • Keep records to fully account for all income receivable and all payments made
  • Reconcile all gateway processing to receipts and resolve any reconciling differences
  • Reconcile all bank accounts on a weekly basis
  • Collect settlements due from processors and report any issues to the managing director