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Our Story

Since the birth of the industry, operators have invested primarily in player acquisition. Our data shows that it costs 5x more to acquire new players than to retain existing ones. It also costs 16x more to bring new players to the same profitability levels as existing players. We predicted that the iGaming market would become increasingly saturated and more competitive. For operators to maintain profitable growth, something had to change.

In 2008, Enteractive was founded with the mission to help iGaming operators reactivate churned players and get them back in the game. We decided to develop and perfect a methodology to re-engage with inactive players, reactivate them and keep them loyal to the operator over time. Thus, generating significant organic re-growth and bottom line profits, whilst at the same time maintaining responsible gaming commitments.

Our Edge

Our core focus is to reactivate players that are not responding to standard CRM reactivation tools and techniques. Our Reactivation Agents are native speaking professionals going through extensive training on the Enteractive methodology in order to conduct the very best personal call.

As many as 30% of players feel they are not treated as valued customers so they decide to go elsewhere. There is no better way to provide a truly personalized service than a personal call from their gaming brand. We apply revenue share and therefore only share in the upside of the players that are reactivated, with zero risks for our operator partners.