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Wis Ltd

St Julian's, Malta

We, the Web International Services Ltd., are one of the leading affiliate companies for the German market, situated in Malta. We acquire new clients for iGaming companies and financial services. 

We generate the majority of our traffic via search engines, and are therefore extremely focused on, and dedicated to, search engine optimisation (SEO). We continually research current keyword trends for the target market and create high-quality content to maximise the results of our work. 

 We believe in our talents. Working with a team of self-motivated people, empowered to take the initiative. We have obtained the art of thinking independently together. When we work together, everyone achieves more. Unity is a strength. Through teamwork and collaboration, we accomplish lovely things. We take challenges and are continually striving for improvement. Our exceptional team of in-house professionals is dedicated to excellence. We are committed to creating high performing products, publishing engaging content and user-friendly design. We do our best to achieve our goals by finding solutions to complex problems while remaining competitive in the fast developing markets. Be part of our story.