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Go Interactive has been founded to build a bridge between Ukraine and US/UK startups. We exist to enable our Western partners to operate in Ukraine as comfortably as in their home countries and bring the expertise of the Ukrainian developers to the global technology market.

What makes us unique in the Ukrainian technology ecosystem is our focus on partnering with high growth technology companies. Many of them are venture-backed startups, some are established technology leaders. But they share one thing in common - they grow very fast. And our mission is to help them grow as fast as they can. Building product startups dev teams in Ukraine has been in our DNA for a long time and now we are sharing this expertise with our Western partners.

It is our commitment to create the most welcoming, efficient and fulfilling work environment for the developers we host in our office. A great place to work is a lot more than just your desk, meeting rooms, or a ping pong table. These days any outsourcing “sweatshop” in Ukraine will give you that. What we give is that exhilarating feeling of being an important part of a something truly innovative and exciting. When you join one of our partner’s teams, you become a part of that company that you chose to be a part of, it is not your “project” or a “client”.