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We are a team of professional International recruitment specialists, with headquarters in Oslo Norway with offices in Malaga, Spain and Tallinn, Estonia focused on connecting candidates with specific IT skills or competencies with international businesses around the world.

Our biggest strength is our power team of recruiters, all dedicated in a specific industry, who interact with our candidates at a more personal level understanding better who they are dealing with, being able to better explain and describe what is expected of them.

Our ambition is to match the most exciting IT jobs with the best candidates who apply for them to be able to use their skills and knowledge as a unique competence within an international working environment.

We find the best solutions to suit every clients’ needs when it comes to advertising for available positions and creating visibility for them, and to build a relationship with the suitable candidates.

IT Jobs Worldwide is a fresh company with the ambition to thrive in the recruitment sector and be the best at what we do, through new and innovative solutions to attract our clients and candidates.

We focus on recruiting for large companies looking to fill roles with candidates from all over the world.

All we need is a job description and the specifications for the perfect candidate and we will work to find the most suitable candidate!

“We connect people”