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Doleta LTD is one of the most modern and innovative window and door manufacturers in all of Europe. We are renowned in the world over for our unique solutions in wood, wood-aluminum windows, winter conservatories, wooden or aluminum facades and doors. Over the last quarter-century we have grown from a 250 sq.m. factory to fill a 20 000 sq.m. production site with 150 employees, and today we are the biggest producer of unique, high quality timber windows in the Baltic states. 

We focus on implementing customized solutions, addressing non-standard customer issues. We are never looking for the easiest solution, the most direct way - we always make every effort to ensure that every customer's desire is 100% implemented. The fact that we use the most advanced equipment in our production base is not enough for quality. We understand that all the equipment, whatever it is modern, will be managed and maintained by the employees of the company. Therefore, it's brave to say that it is the strength of ourselves who are specialists.