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Founded in 1997 by Franck Attal – CEO, Editec has established a unique and successful business model with its Headquarters based in London, UK, with offices for IT development and support located in Sweden and Romania. The Hardware & Distribution Division is situated in France with a Shared Services Office operating in Lebanon. All Divisions exist as separate legal entities to enhance efficiency and flexibility.

The Retail Division consists of betting shops, franchises and various points of sale operated through an extensive network of local agents. ln total, there are circa 1,100 shops and in excess of 55,000 points of sale providing a mix of lottery, sports betting and virtual games services as well as promoting an omni-channel service through the mobile and web-based platforms.

The Retail Operation throughout Africa provides employment to over 60,000 local people with the future aims for Editec to continue to nurture our retail client group and expand into additional countries and establish a larger footprint across the whole continent.