Lucky Enterprises, founded in 2014, are a iGaming operator focused in the Lotto betting vertical. 

The business, head quartered in Curacao, is focused on building on its decentralised remote working team.   

€1,500 - €2,000 monthly
Lucky Enterprises Remote
Apr 11, 2020
Part time
The role will have full responsibility for all financial, treasury and gateway processes. The job requires a self-starting approach and an aptitude for problem solving. It is estimated that the job would require around 50 hours of work a month. For the duration of the Employee’s employment the Employee shall:   Carry out to the best of his/her abilities and under the control of the Employer such duties and functions as may reasonably be assigned to him/her from time to time by management; Obey and observe all the lawful regulations and reasonable directions and instructions which may be given to him/her from time to time by management; Well and faithfully serve the company and use his/her best endeavours to promote its interests; Exercise the utmost good faith towards the Company both in carrying out his/her duties hereunder and also in all his/her dealings with the Company; At all times be answerable to management and shall prepare and submit...