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Egg Recruitment

Egg Recruitment exists is to enrich businesses with the best-in-class talent, and support job seekers in their quest for a fulfilling and rewarding career. We understand that the outcome of our efforts will have a deep and lasting impact on the lives of our clients. Our approach encourages us to achieve as deep an understanding as possible of the specific situation of every job vacancy that we are entrusted with, and to act upon this knowledge for successful deployment of talent. We do this by immersing ourselves within our clients’ businesses to develop a deep understanding of their culture and help to define what great looks like to them.

We pride ourselves on our personable, professional and honest approach. We are unwavering in the way we seek to engage the best people in the best jobs. We exist to do all in our power to deploy talent for sustained increase in worth all around. Our clients and candidates love working with us because we are pro-active and in tune with the marketplace, with understanding and collaboration being at the heart of everything that we do.

We bring our outside-in perspective, with over 25 years of collective expertise and an unrivalled network to deliver best-in-class talent. Having a strong technical candidate database, we strive to find jobs that our candidates will thrive in and promise our clients a fast turnaround on candidate recruitment.

We’re driven to help people realise their potential and to help businesses unearth this potential and build great teams upon this foundation. With our unrivalled networks and channels we are in the best position to find our candidates jobs that they will hopefully love and excel in. We listen carefully, understanding that every person is an individual and that a CV only tells one part of their story. Our aim is to find the perfect fit, especially culturally because in our opinion, culture is that glue that can really hold an organisation together and enables all employees to pull in the same direction.