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19 New Year's Resolutions for 2019

19 New Year's Resolutions for 2019

Always in the Top 5 of Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions is to Get A New Job. Here at JobsFactor we work with some of the top employers in the fastest moving industries, taking on staff all year round, all over the world!

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We all make New Year’s Resolutions, but did you know that only 46% of people who make resolutions are successful? How many of these have you tried before?


Here are the most popular ones, heading into January 2019:


1 - Exercise

Ah January, a personal trainer’s peak season. When everyone packs into gyms to work off the Christmas dinner, a massive 80% of people don’t make it past the 6 month mark. So think carefully before you sign up for the year, ask your current or potential employers, they may offer free or discounted gym membership with a local gym.

2 - Save

We all wish we had more money, but most people set a New Year Goal to save more through the next year. Be it saving for a home, car or the next round at the bar, budgeting is always up there. Bumping up your salary is always a good start!

3 - Diet

It’s winter time! We’re programmed to overeat and store body fat right? A better diet doesn’t have to mean 4 drops of low fat water and a sniff of kale per day. Its easy to switch your office snacks to fruit or vegetables. Seeds and nuts are also great for desk nibbling! Better yet, fight off brunch munchies with porridge, your best bet to keep you filled up and full of energy til lunchtime!

4 - Learn

Always dreamed of mastering horseback archery? Want to be fluent in Swahili? Show off to your friends by nailing a standing double back flip? Learning a new skill is always admirable and can skyrocket your earnings if you chose wisely! Studying a computer skill or a new language are great ways to increase your worth to employers.

5 - Live

As much as charging through life and achieving goals is awesome, it is also important to enjoy the journey. Taking a moment each day to be grateful for something around you can really ground you in the present.

6 - Smoking

Did you know that each cigarette can cut between 5 and 11 minutes off your life expectancy? Don’t hand your precious time over to tobacco companies! Switching to a vape or gum is a great start but if its a real tough habit to kick, try something different like hypnotherapy, it can be super powerful and there are plenty of free examples online!

7 - Family and Friends

Amongst the biggest regrets in life, most people cite not spending enough time with family and friends. It can be tough between work and chill time, but even a quick phone call goes a long way. LinkedIn recently released a study showing that 68% of people born in 1980 or later would sacrifice a friendship for a promotion, so be sure to keep healthy friendships out of work too!

8 - Travel

There are endless bucket lists out there and a big beautiful world, its not surprising most people wish they would travel more. The best advice I ever received was “stop planning and just do it!”. Although money can be an issue, searching for a job abroad is often a great starting point!

9 - Read

The brain is a muscle and social media surfing is the equivalent of being a couch potato. If you really want to work that muscle, reading every day is a great all rounder. It can be a great way to unwind before bed, tire the eyes and reduce stress. 30 minutes reading per day equates to about 30 books a year. Bump that up to 45 minutes per day and you’ll be in good company, most CEOs and executives get through about one book per week!


There you have it, all the popular New Year’s Resolutions you could ever want! Satisfied? No?!

Well here’s a few little picks of our own, intended to be easy to do, satisfying and help you be happier in 2019! Cheers!


Do Good Things

Just being nice has a wonderful impact on the people around you, this New Year try doing one little nice thing every day if you can, it will make you feel amazing!

This can be a simple New Years Resolution, done every day by simply saying good morning, have a nice day, ask how someone is, find out new things about them, buy a flower for someone, volunteer, help carry things, offer directions, leave a nice review or give a genuine compliment. Some ideas to get you started!


With Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook we’ve become slaves to the short attention span, most people say in the New Year they want to read more but “don’t have time”.

Audiobooks are a great solution, when you’re on the bus, in the car, tidying up, cooking, working out etc. you can utilise this “dead time”, double up your efficiency with a podcast from great business leaders, mindfulness gurus, performers or listen to a book you’ve always wanted to read.

Flight Mode

Aeroplane mode is rarely used even on flights, let alone the rest of the time. Try utilising this or your ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings, giving yourself an hour or so in the day to be notification free. Especially when you’re trying to work or focus on something. On average we check our phones every 12 minutes. You’ll be much more efficient.

Budget Travel

There really is no excuse not to travel these days, you can utilise budget airlines like Ryanair, cheap stays with Airbnb, volunteer with sites like Workaway or just take a trip to a part of your country you’ve never been to. Make time to plan a simple 2-4 day trip every month or two and escape the rat race. This will ease stress massively.

Cleanse - Project 33

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” —Socrates

Project 33 is a great example of doing more with less. You condense down your wardrobe to just 33 items (not including underwear and gym wear), and store the rest away. This will soon make you realise how much unnecessary stuff you have lying around. Project 33 encourages you to simply replace an item when necessary, rather than shopping for fun. This can save you a small fortune, a tonne of space and make you appreciate what you have.

Meditate - Headspace

You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you're too busy, then you should sit for an hour. -Zen Proverb

Meditation is one of the most commonly referred to practices amongst top performers in business, across sports, you name it. It doesn’t have to be all awkward leg crossing and burning incense. All you need is a simple app like Headspace, some earphones and a comfy place to sit for 10 minutes. Super simple and very powerful.

Comfort Breaker

This is one of my personal New Years Resolutions so I wanted to share this with you. Its easy to fall into the trap of feeling that people are judging you and to act based on what you think they think. Truth is, everyone is way too busy worrying about themselves to care too much. Prove this to yourself by breaking your comfort zone where possible. This sounds absurd but can be very liberating.

Try some new food that you’ve never thought of, check out a new type of music, pick up a random book you’d never chose for yourself, say hi to strangers in the street, whenever you find yourself retreating to comfortable behaviour (we all do it), ask yourself if you broke the pattern, what is the worst that could happen?

Drink Less

It can be easy to socialise with alcohol as the focal point, try getting together with friends in the mornings, doing physical activities or hooking up for coffee to help you cut down on booze easily!

Work Smarter

In work or any other part of life, there are hidden "time thieves". Try to cut them out by looking for the boring and time consuming stuff you do all the time and simplify the process. Create shortcuts on your device keypad, watch videos at 1.25x speed, decide your meals at the start of the week and shop ahead.

Say No


If you really value your time, prove it. Turn down all the useless stuff you agree to do or simply stop offering to do things that don't work towards your bigger goals. These little snippets of being selfish can have a huge impact on your productivity.


Want to do things a little different?


Best selling author and human guinea pig Tim Ferriss suggests this alternative to making (and likely breaking) Resolutions, give it a shot:


  • Write down on paper two columns headed: POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.
  • Go through your calendar from the last year, looking at every week. News feed or photos can be a good alternative, but don’t get sidetracked!
  • For each week/photo/post write any people or activities or commitments that triggered  positive or negative emotions. List them in the positive or negative column.
  • When you’ve finished the year, ask, “What 20% of each column produced the most reliable or powerful peaks?”
  • Based on the answers, take “positive” leaders and schedule more of them in the new year. Book things with friends and prepay for activities/events/commitments that you know work. It’s not real until it’s in the calendar.
  • Then take your “negative” leaders, put “NOT-TO-DO LIST” at the top, and put them somewhere you can see them each morning for the first few weeks of 2019. These are the people and things you *know* make you miserable, so don’t put them on your calendar out of obligation, guilt, FOMO, or other nonsense. Harsh but solid advice!


From all the JobsFactor team, Happy New Year. Later, 18. Glad to meet ya 2019!