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Make LinkedIn Work for YOU

Make LinkedIn Work for YOU

The old saying goes: size isn’t everything. It’s how you use it.


Facebook may be the biggest social media site, but LinkedIn is infinitely more powerful in terms of how it can be used, both for better and worse.


So what do people think when they land on your page?


A massive 98% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find talent, so here’s JobsFactor’s take on how to bulk up your LinkedIn profile to make it work for you:


What Are You Selling?

First thing’s first: you need to know what are you trying to convey to anyone viewing your profile. This is essentially a CV, dating profile, cover letter and Facebook account all in one. You are a walking talking personal brand and you want people to land on your page and immediately realise what you’re all about. Remember this at all times.


Immediately, people will look to your photo. We always say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but we all do. It’s instinctive whether we like it or not.

So while your bikini photo from Malaga might look awesome on Instagram or you in a group of 8 pals is great for Facebook, your LinkedIn photo needs to be all business.
Ask around for a recommendation for a professional photographer, it makes ALL the difference. Even if you have to pay a little bit for it, you will see that investment back.


If someone sees you popping up all over their feed (which we cover later in this post), they will see your photo and name, as well as your headline.

This is a golden opportunity to catch the eye. Don’t list your job title like it’s a CV, take this chance to show what you specialise in. Or use it to show you’re looking for a job opportunity.


Once you have the “top 20%” that people immediately see, then the fun bit, add people like crazy. But a word from the wise, don’t just add 200 people from your school and college. Make it relevant to the area you’re working (or wanting to work) in.

The more you spread out and connect with people in your industry, the better chance you have of being found or finding connections that you may need in future.



You’re hardly going to get a connection from Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Tim Ferriss or Grant Cardone. But I’d highly recommend following them so they pop up in your feed. These guys are top of their game and the content they post will be a masterclass in how to communicate. Don’t reinvent the wheel, use their blueprint and make one that works for you.


If you fancy yourself as a writer, have something on your mind, want to share your experiences, feel like sharing some knowledge or just want a ramble, LinkedIn can also serve as a great blog spot. Use this carefully as you don’t want to alienate new connections with flat earth theories or far right extreme political views. However you can use this to entice in new connections by writing about your industry and recommending they read it in your opening message.



It’s called social media for a reason, imagine being at a party, lingering in the corner and shouting at passers by to be your friend. Exactly, you wouldn’t do it in person so don’t do it online. Comment on others posts, be positive and automatically you will draw others towards you and begin to catch eyes. Especially if you’re applying the suggestions above and working around a network you’re trying to either break into or be noticed within.


This area can be solid gold if done right. If you had a great working relationship with an old manager or got along really well with your professor at university, reach out to them! Ask them to endorse you by basically writing you an endorsement or recommendation.

Make sure you reach out to the right person but most importantly, give to receive.


So you’re a skilled communicator, can work in a team and manage your own workload? Congratulations, you’re an adult and just as qualified as everybody else. You may as well put “feeds self and fully toilet trained” in your profile, as those skills speak for themselves.

Where you can really shine is with specific skills to your current or desired role. Look for the rare skills that would make you stand out from 50 other people applying for the same job. Remember only you have been through your journey, so there’s plenty that’s special.


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