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Get the Job with Body Language (TESTED)

Get the Job with Body Language (TESTED)

Which superpower would you choose?

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X-Ray Vision? Mind Reading? Flying? Mind Control?


Well, recently I met a man with all these powers. His name is Chase Hughes.


Okay, so he couldn’t fly. But he is a CIA trained expert in human behaviour.


He taught me that the ability to read a person’s body movements for what they truly mean, understand what they are thinking and feeling (not saying) and even control what they do, can be learned.

If you want to find out more about Chase and how you can meet him, here. There’s a bunch of free stuff on his site you can download and start learning!


If you’d just like to learn some simple tips on how you can nail down your body language to make the right first impression, look no further.


Here are 5 tips to consider when you’re in an interview. These can be used anywhere in life so they’re certainly worth learning. They might surprise you!


Before we go any further, get your shit together!


You need to have your life together otherwise it’s gonna show either immediately or over time. This cannot be emphasised enough. 

Life isn’t perfect, we’ve all got our own problems and wars we are fighting, trust me, I get that. However, when you take control of the things that you can affect, it has a huge calming effect on your mind, which will shine through in your body language. Here’s 5 quick tips:


  • Tidy House, Tidy Mind - Make your bed in the morning.
  • Time is Priceless - Plan your day like a millionaire.
  • Look Good, Feel Good - Be clean, dress well, be ready for anything.
  • Friends Close, Power Closer - Keep good company, not easy company.
  • Money Matters - You don’t have to be rich, just be in control.

Now onto the fun stuff, try these simple tricks to connect with your interviewer, stick in their head and deliver the right message:


1 - The Handshake

Nice and simple, don’t squeeze and don’t be limp. Be firm, make eye contact, release.


2 - The Posture

If your interviewer sits upright and places their hands on the desk, copy them. You don’t have to be exact on this, but just generally “mirroring” them will build a subconscious connection.


3 - The Gestures

Be expressive and fill up your personal space with movements, use your hands to tell a story. Be natural here and open up, this will create more of an impression.

4 - The Truth

Show your palms when you’re telling a true story, place your hand over your heart when making a genuine point (especially when you really care about something that the company does too) and make fair eye contact. Don’t stare but also avoid burying your head in notes.



7 seconds is a good average for comfortable eye contact in most situations. Try delivering points of your CV in the mirror, then with a friend, for around 7 seconds before looking away.


5 - The Mouth

Nervousness can make the mouth dry, ask for some water. A sip here and there will allow you time to think as well as wet your throat.

Be careful not to cover your mouth, bite your nails or your lip.

Finally, smile! Not a fake smile with dead eyes, but a genuine one. Be genuinely glad to be meeting the interviewer, they’ve taken their time to meet you, there’s an opportunity to make an impression here, be genuinely grateful and happy about that and your smile will follow.

Tested? This strategy was tested by one of our team in a live interview situation, with little preparation on the company and almost no experience (which we do not advise).

They were offered the job. On the spot.

What’s more than that, they also successfully negotiated a pay increase. In the interview.


At Jobs Factor we are always aiming to give our job hunters the best value. We offer advice like this all over our blog and its free to sign up, forever! Now that really is great value.

We’re always sourcing and posting new jobs to give you a great range of well paid jobs with fantastic companies. Any questions? Fire me an email:!