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Jan Molby and the Search for New Talent

Jan Molby and the Search for New Talent

A job candidate’s journey has changed. Companies are always looking for ways to improve strategies for an increasingly competitive recruitment process. These days companies need to do a lot more than just post a vacancy, set up an interview and then offer a candidate the position.

No way José.

The beast of social media is opening up countless new opportunities for recruitment advertising, and all this information is available to potential candidates who are thus more aware and have more time and knowledge to consider all options. By having the online tools necessary to quickly search, communicate, query, post, and refer to others, these candidates have attained a lot more power.

Power that means you do not pick talent anymore - talent picks you. is presenting "An evening with Jan Molby" in Valletta 20th June.

It's our way to prove we also have power and understanding of the market.

Click Recruitment started by looking at recruitment marketing, and how to influence the early stages of the candidate journey.

How do we reach out to these candidates and guide them towards our recruitment and headhunting company?

Maybe we shouldn’t refer to them as candidates? They are now being treated as customers. One needs to nurture them, and yeah we are happy to host them as guests at City Theatre in Valletta for a special evening of music, comedy and stories from a football legend.   

Our event with the popular Liverpool legend is aimed at attracting, converting and engaging candidates through entertainment and communication. The content we present on the night needs to be authentic, relevant, and compelling.

And believe me, it will be!

It will showcase our values and prove why we are an interesting company to partner with – and that’s why Betting Gods wanted in as a sponsor. Good tipsters and quality picks means even Molby himself is happy with our choice of partner.

A candidate's experience is based on feelings, behaviours and attitudes they experience during a recruiting process. We need to keep with the times, and think of new ways to entice top talents.

In order to facilitate a positive recruitment experience we want to create brand awareness, an interest in our team of managers and tech headhunters, and to keep potential candidates informed and aware of all opportunities, positions etc. The potential candidates might not be active job seekers. However, more than 90% of people involved in our industry are interested in being kept up to date about possible new job opportunities.

We believe that our Jan Molby show on June 20th is another excellent way to network and expand our contact network, adding talent to our candidate pool for current and future needs.

"An evening with Jan Molby" will combine some of the factors that I love the most about iGaming - social media, content marketing, referrals, young leadership, great speakers and last but not least, creativity.

We all know that a proactive way of making a company stand out from the crowd within the industry constellation (all of whom also have this aim) is to attend networking events.

This is our answer, our own special type of networking session. It is our way to ensure that our voice is heard in this huge industry.

Recruiting and hiring is key to business success. Companies cannot grow without people, and our event will owe its success to a long list of amazing people who are putting their heart and soul into it.

Jan Molby was a real play-maker in the 80's. Now he will welcome new talents to shine in Malta.


You can find more info about the event here:


Yours sincerely,


Allan Aasterud

European Business Development Manager at Click Recruitment