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6 Top Places to Find Jobs Now

6 Top Places to Find Jobs Now

Job hunting can often be daunting, frustrating, intimidating and even downright depressing.

That is, if you’re just firing out random applications and hoping for the best.


So how about if you had a systematic approach? What if you knew you were covering most of the potential job spots and only applying for things you genuinely wanted to get?


First things first, you need to know where the jobs are coming from.

The JobsFactor Quick Tips has covered CVs and cover letters to get you noticed and interviews, as well as the interview stages, scroll through our Blog page to check out those posts.

So, over are the days of slurring to the bar manager that you’d like some work after 6 Guinness and 4 Jagermeister shots. Stop uploading your CV onto Tinder and hoping for the best and definitely stop camping outside your local iGaming office with a Costa cup asking for change. Let’s get finding, filtering and applying! Here we go:


1 - In House!

This first point is a shout out to all of you readers who are already amongst the ranks of employed, you smug little mushroom, you!

Let’s say you want to see a few more pennies on that payslip, need to feel more challenged in your job or things haven’t been the same since you pulled your manager at the Friday beers: you can start at home, within your current employer.

Get your CV up to date, and by up to date I mean if you learned how to use the printer yesterday in the office, get it on there. We have a guide on this in our JobsFactor Quick Tips.

You’re most likely to find the jobs on the company website, staff intranet (internal internet), company newsletters or by simply speaking to HR or Internal Recruitment teams.
Catch them at the water cooler, fire them an IM or head over to their desk and ask. There’s nothing to be shy about wanting to upgrade, in fact it's a respectable trait that most bosses admire.

Did you know that these “hidden jobs” account for about 80% of all jobs?

We’ll bring you a more detailed guide on internal recruitment soon at JobsFactor Quick Tips.


2 - Advertised Jobs!

This is a much bigger animal which we could spend months posting about, but let us keep things simple and digestible and tidy these up into three sections..

Jobs Boards

Obvious, right? These sites *cough*us*cough* are specifically designed *cough*like*us*cough* to hold as many jobs as possible in one place *cough*thousands*cough* and make your application process simple and quick as possible *cough*that's*us*cough*.

Oh and would you look at that? You’re on one such site now. But let’s not be biased, there are plenty more. Get on them all to give yourself the best shot.

Most have easy CV uploads, profile creators, filters and job alerts so it’s super easy.

All you have to do is sign up, upload your CV, search the jobs you want and boom, one click apply.

Facebook Groups

I hate Facebook. There, I said it. If it’s not that dude you bummed a cigarette from at that college party sending you Candy Crush requests. Or that creep from the night out three years ago when you were wasted who likes all of your photos within 45 seconds. Or just people being people.

But it does have the great advantage of having over a billion people using it every day. These people like to join groups and post jobs. They’re a treasure trove if you know where to look.

A simple search of “jobs” and your location or desired location will be a good start, the rest is super easy. Join them, scroll til your thumb goes numb and add or message the post authors.  

Recruitment Agents

We all know a recruiter. They’re usually the ones with a bag of sand talking to the Arabs. Or quoting Jordan Belfort at every opportunity. Possibly with a €750 suit, €1299 smartphone and driving a leased Mercedes A-Class but “nipping to the loo” when it’s their round at the bar.

If you don’t know someone like that, you may in fact be the recruiter yourself, but don’t worry about that. There’s professional help out there for you.

While they may not be the best with active listening, taking no for an answer or hiding their intentions, they are certainly good at something: they get people in work.

Therefore if you have a quick search for recruitment agencies near you and take a walk to their offices or email them over a half decent CV, have your phone charged and ready, they will find you and they will recruit you.


3 - Direct!

Heard of Howard Schultz? Probably not.

Heard of Starbucks Coffee? There we go, glad to see you’re awake.


You may not know this but Starbucks was just a small coffee bean shop in Seattle when Howard came across it. He began working for it, then running it and now it’s the universally known mermaid branded conglomerate it is today.


Point here is, Howard went direct to the company he wanted to work with, and got his job. This was part of the reason he was so successful. He knew he wanted that job. He didn’t wait around for them to post a vacancy, he stepped up, pitched himself and get the job.


We will have a JobsFactor Quick Tips post on this in the future to give you more detailed advice on how to pitch companies directly without them advertising for a vacancy.

However as a sneak peak, we can tell you that it’s best to find a company that uses the skills you have (if you’re bilingual then global companies with multilingual customer support is always going to be a good start, if you’ve a degree in accounting you can apply direct to banks etc).

Then find the hiring manager or person in charge of recruitment and speak to them directly. More on this particular strategy soon.


4 - Under the Radar!

You may filter out temp work, internships or volunteering work from your searches.

If you need something solid and fast, then by all means filter away. However if you just need your foot in the door and want to work your way up, these are often the best ways to get in the door.

Hint: You can also find volunteer work locally very easily. Contact local charity stores, schools, church events etc and here you can get some great experience to help your job seeking challenges. An added bonus is that you’ll often encounter situations you wouldn’t find anywhere else and you’re doing some good for your local community in the meantime!


5 - Network

Humans are by nature social beings. We were made to mingle and socialise.

Our evolutionary psychology doesn’t really have much reference experience under the file labelled “sat on your arse at home on your laptop, clicking Apply Now”.

So get out and mix with people, the more you know the better your chances of finding what you’re looking for, this is true in the employment world too.

Using LinkedIn can be a great start to find people in the companies you’re looking at and are a great way to find local meetups, careers fairs and networking events. Make yourself go.

Local universities can also be a great resource for this as they’re often assisting students with careers advice, so get down there and get mingling with people. You’d be surprised how often you get a call saying “Hey, are you still looking for blockchain work, a friend of mine just emailed me asking if I know anyone?”.


Bonus Tip - Ask around!

You may not be the social butterfly, confident enough to kick down a CEOs door and slap them with your CV or on social media. If that’s the case, don’t worry there’s still hope.

If you’re a person and you’ve been through life, it’s fair to say you’ve probably met some people already.

Ask them! There’s nothing wrong with messaging a bunch of friends asking if they know of anything within their companies, have any good resources or even have some work for you themselves!


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