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Our FREE CV Template

Our FREE CV Template

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 If you want to start a fresh or are writing a CV for the first time, use our template below. It's super simple.


The parts in RED are hints for what to write, make sure you delete them after you're done. That's it, good luck and don't forget to upload when you're done!


Personal Statement

What is your highest goal and purpose in your working career?
What is unique about you that would set you out from other candidates?
How would friends describe you? (mix of professional and personal)


Work Experience

Position - Make it sound important as possible.

Company - Give name and location.

From - Use month and year, date isn’t important.

To - Be sure to note "current" if you're still in the job.

Description - List achievements and responsibilities, for example answer these points:

  • What exactly were you responsible for, in one sentence.

Example: As Sales Admin, I handled customers from inquiry all the way to sign up, making the process easy and providing ongoing support.

  • Give one example of a good thing you’ve done, with numbers if you can.

Example: During my time here, customer retention went up by 24%.

  • List day to day skills you needed. Keep specific.

Example: Diary management, correspondence and handling sensitive documents, creating and delivering presentations and taking meeting minutes.


Copy and paste for each job role.
If you've no experience, volunteer, talk about personal projects or talk about travel.



Degree or Speciality - What qualification did you get?

University or Institution - Give name and location.

From - Start date for studies.

To - Be sure to note "current" if you're still studying.


Copy and paste for each qualification.
Keep this simple as employers usually need this for specific job criteria.


Keep an eye out for more job searching tips coming soon!