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9 Quick Tips for an Awesome Job Interview

9 Quick Tips for an Awesome Job Interview


After countless clicks of ''attach CV''. Endless ways to reword your cover letters. Tearing your hair out trying to explain what you did at your last job. This is it, confirmed, you've got an interview.


Now, time to PANIC! 

Actually, no


Here's the JobsFactor Quick Tips to settle you down for a kick-ass interview and being in the right frame of mind to put your best self forwards.

And no, I'm not going to suggest spending 3 hours, staring blankly at the company Wikipedia page, trying to remember what year the CEO's cat had it's first kittens. This is prep just for you, my little CV wielding interview warrior. Here we go:



  1. REST! 

    This sounds super obvious, but don't try to drink your body weight in tequila to celebrate joining the ranks of the employed. Clear your evening and rest so you can be fresh, sharp and give the best you got.

  2. PREP!

    Ever ran around your room 10 minutes after you were due to leave trying to find your lucky sock? Me neither...
    It will make you feel so much better to wake up and have your outfit ready, ironed, accessorised, laid out and ready to go. Do this before you sleep.

  3. PLAN!

    Failing to plan is planning to fail, as Ben Franklin once said. He didn't have the luxury of using Google Maps to plan his route but you do. Make sure you know your travel time, rough route and how much breathing space you need. It will take you 5 minutes before bed but ensure you're ready for the commute.


  1. EAT!

    If you're going to get optimum performance from yourself, you're going to need optimum fuel. Breakfast like you usually would but make sure it's not too heavy and will keep you full until after your interview ends. 


    Make sure your hygiene is on point. Showering should wake you up and a 10 second blast of cold water before you get out will make sure of that. Now slip in to your conveniently prepared outfit from last night and don't drown yourself in perfume or aftershave. Quick spray on the wrists and neck, clean outfit and knowing you're fresh will do wonders for your confidence.

  3. CHILL!

    This is probably the most powerful tip on the list and it requires doing: well, whatever you like.
    If a spot of yoga helps perk you up, set aside 20 mins in your morning so you can do just that. Or maybe you enjoy a gossip with your best friend. Maybe you enjoy watching cute kitten videos (who doesn't?). 
    Pick something that you enjoy, set aside 20 minutes and get it done. This will stop you procrastinating as well as giving you a little serotonin boost.



  1. ARRIVE!

    You're there! Armour ready, interview prep done, nice and early. Don't rush inside to sit there getting nervous. Have a little stroll around the area. You'd be surprised how many candidates don't show at all, so you're already winning.

  2. TALK!

    Receptionists are amongst the friendliest people in the office, they have to know and chat to everybody, so use that fact! Just keeping some light friendly conversation for 2 minutes will make a HUGE impact. You'll be more likely to be remembered, you've a chance to 'warm up' on talking to strangers and lastly, they might be having a tough day and your kindness could cheer them up!  

  3. POSE!

Of all these tips, this is by far the most unusual. But trust me on this one, it's one of the most powerful tips for any situation where you need to boss it.

Give yourself 5 mins and go somewhere private. Bathroom stalls are usually best. Set a timer on your phone for 2 mins and 15 seconds. Put your phone away.
Take a deep breath and strike a power pose and hold it until your alarm goes off. Once its done, one last deep breath and you're ready to go. What's a power pose? Check out the video below from psychologist Amy Cuddy about the Wonder Woman pose:



That's it, you're all set. Get in there and show 'em what you got! 

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